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What is DeHashed - Part 2


What is DeHashed?

DeHashed is an Security & Anti-Fraud tool to retrieve data from publicly available hacked databases that have been made public on the internet.

The purpose of the tool is to give people the ability to search and find whether their data is is available online or not to prevent fraud or misuse of their information by hackers.

We are a full disclosure site so we provide all data to the user so they can be better informed of what data (emails, passwords, and etc) have been breached.

This site's goal is to make it easy to find where your data has been breached, leaked, and has the potential to be abused.

We are not responsible for any data leaks, We find them and alert the users for free. To find out more details about a specific breach and limit abuse, we offer a paid plan.

How do I use this tool?

The answer is quite simple, you simply go to the homepage, enter your keyword, and press search. (Ex: Username, IP, Email, Name) Then you click search and it will run a search and output any matches in our database.

What kind of information can I search for?

You can search for a name, username, email, phone number, IP, address, and more.

How can I remove myself?

If you want to remove any personal information from this search platform please use the Contact Us form and include full name, address, zip code, email address, and the leak you were found in.
If anything is missing from this, your request will be ignored because we won't be able to verify your identity or even find your records.

Requests will be processed in 10-15 days after we receive it due to volume and manual verification requirements but it may be sooner.

Please keep in mind, removing data from our engine is unsafe. We are here to keep you alert and protected, choosing to leave our systems wont remove you from others or databases posted publicly, leaving you vulnerable.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Most hackers will try to use your old passwords to login your current accounts, make sure you sign up with a different password for every website. You can use third party apps that are safe such as LastPass, which automatically generate complex passwords and remembers it for you. LastPass/Similar programs will allow you to simply click on an account and login instantly without having to enter your details manually. These programs are available as extensions for most popular web browsers and as Phone Applications.

Make sure you use 2 Factor Authentication; this will prevent a hacker from logging in your account even if they know your password.

Last but not Least, Do not give out any personal information to anyone on the internet.

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    Terri Rutten

    I've found 2 email addresses of mine so far that are on the dark web. Each address was on a different site that was breached, but I have never been on either site or even heard of them until now. Is there any information available from the breached sites that could help me to find out who did this, like ip addresses of these persons while on these sites using my info? My phones have been hacked, online accounts, identity theft, etc and I have a feeling this is someone I know. What should I do and can you help me? Thanks, Terri

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    Joni J Jaymes


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    charles owens

    So far its working

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